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Two Major Local Campaigns Kick Off To Raise Money For Hurricane Katrina Victims

The devastation and the suffering brought on by Hurricane Katrina bring out feelings of helplessness and a desire to help, and NewsChannel 11 has learned how you can do that. It's almost as if we're seeing a repeat of the tsunami relief efforts. Lubbockites raised $1 million for the "From Lubbock With Love Campaign," earlier in the year. Wednesday, August 31, just 72 hours after Katrina hit, two major relief efforts have been put together in hopes the people of Lubbock will step up once again.

Breedlove Dehydrated Foods is now distributing at least three million servings of dehydrated food to hurricane victims.

Breedlove Marketing Director, Hope Floeck said, "We're ready to help, that's what we do, that's why we're here. We're trying to move quickly and respond to their needs."

One million servings costs at least $40,000. On Wednesday afternoon, American State Bank, the South Plains Food Bank and Breedlove announced a joint effort to raise money for hurricane victims called "The Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort."

American State Bank kicked it off with a $5,000 contribution, you can make a donation at any American State Bank branch. This effort reminds them of the recent tsunami relief. Floek said, "It's not in a third world country, it's right here at home, and we definitely want to make sure we're there helping them."

United Supermarkets has also hopped on board. Starting Friday, September 2nd, scan tags will be available at each checkout lane. You can donate any amount and add it onto your grocery bill. The money goes to the local Red Cross and Salvation Army.

The hurricane disaster also reminds United Marketing Director, Eddie Owens of "From Lubbock With Love," where they helped raise $1 million for tsunami victims. Owens said, "This is really our tsunami. It's hitting much closer to home and it's something we can relate to."

In addition to those efforts, NewChannel 11 is working on a day long blitz to help raise desperately needed money and supplies for family's effected by the hurricane. Our coverage starts Friday, September 2nd, at 5:30 a.m. It will continue throughout the entire day live from a United Supermarket.

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