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Lubbock Woman Escapes Hurricane Katrina

One Lubbock woman says her vacation in New Orleans was cut short because of the hurricane. Wendy Kerr spent the weekend in New Orleans with her friend. Her relaxing time away quickly turned into a frenzy to get out of the city. Wendy says she turned the news on Sunday night. That's when she watched a plea from the mayor to evacuate the city.

Wendy and her friend spent the night in the airport and more than five hours in line. She says luckily, they caught one of the last flights out of the city. "As we were flying over the city of New Orleans it was like bumper to bumper traffic on I-10 and cars were not moving. Everyone was sitting and you could already see the water was rising and I all I was thinking was, I've got to get out of here," reveals Wendy.

She's grateful to be back in Lubbock with her family. She says the most surprising to her was that residents of New Orleans were not concerned right before Katrina hit. She says no one believed the hurricane was going to have the impact it did.

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