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Food for Thought Report 9.1

The Overton Elementary Eagles soared through their last health inspection. Located at 2902 Louisville Avenue, the school's cafeteria staff earned a perfect score and top performer status.

Food for Thought 9.1
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 9/1/05.

There's still good reason for Pirate pride over at Parson's Elementary. The school at 2811 58th Street had just one critical violation.

  • Thermometers were provided but not properly calibrated.

The violation was corrected on site.

The Bayless Elementary Bears at 2115 58th had two critical violations

  • Employees were not following proper hand washing procedures.
  • Thermometers were provided but not properly calibrated.

Both violations were corrected on site.

Aramark School Support services runs LISD's kitchens. They tell NewsChannel 11 employees immediately received refresher training on proper calibration of thermometers and proper hand washing. The employee in question did not wash hands in between changing gloves. The employee was educated on doing so.

Burger King may wear the crown when it comes to burgers, but they rule in Food for Thought this week as one of two top performers. The Burger King at 313 University Avenue had zero critical violations during their last health inspection.

Rib Crib at 8211 Slide Road is also a top performer. The Rib Crib corporation mandates processes that general manager Steve Rowland says keep them on top. He says, "We have a checklist we go through as well as having a really vigilant staff. Our health inspector Jennifer, she works hand and hand with us training when we get a group of new folks on."

Steve says they do it all for the customers, but it's his group of employees that deserve the credit for Rib Cribs' perfect inspection. Rowland says, "I'd put them up against anybody."

Weinerschnitzel at 1202 50th Street is our only low performing restaurant. Weinerschnitzel had five critical violations:

  • A reach in cooler was holding at 49 degrees. Cold foods must be held at 45 degrees or cooler.
  • A hot hold unit above a grill was holding at 118 degrees. Hot foods must be held at least 140 degrees.
  • Ready to eat foods were not properly date marked.
  • Several reach-in coolers did not have thermometers and one had a faulty thermometer.
  • The Heimlich chart was not visible.

The Heimlich chart violation was corrected on site. A manager she said she would absolutely not give a comment.

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