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Mold Can Be A Serious Health Hazard

In the aftermath of Katrina, we know it's bad when we see pictures of neighborhoods with only the roof showing above the water, but even where there is just a little flooding, health officials say there is a big health concern on the horizon and that's mold.

The Center for Disease Control warns that water and moisture can create a serious health hazard for unsuspecting homeowners who later inhale or touch the spores.

"You may have difficulty swallowing, infections of the pharynx, in the lungs, you may have symptoms of wheezing such as with asthma. Shortness of breath or you can also have coughing. In the eyes, you may have redness and skin may become red or blistery," says Dr. Frank Astor and ear, nose and throat specialist.

Dr. Astor says while toxic mold has gotten a lot of attention, even common mold spores can be very irritating to those who are sensitive like asthma or allergy patients.

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