New bike sharing program coming to Texas Tech

New bike sharing program coming to Texas Tech

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A new form of shareable transportation is about to hit Texas Tech's campus, and the city of Lubbock may not be far behind.

The bike sharing program promises to give users the convenience of having a bike to ride without needing to buy one.

"With the dockless bike sharing system, it's done through an app. You download the app and it's connected to your credit card." Texas Tech's Media Relations Coordinator for Transportation and Parking Services Stacy Stockard said. "You scan the bike that you are next to to unlock it and you're charged in time increments when you used that bike."

When you are done with the bike, you simply bring it back to its designated spot.

"Anyone who uses the bikes - students, employees or visitors - will be able to use the bikes anywhere on campus or off," Stockard said. "They would just have to follow bike rules if they ride on campus and city ordinances if they ride off campus."

This program is nothing new. It's currently being used in cities all over Texas like Dallas and Austin.

"We've been aware of some bike share programs that have been really successful in campuses and we've been looking for one that would fit the needs of our students at Tech," Stockard said.

The city plans to soon follow with their own bike sharing program.

"We were in the process of talking about it and we found out Texas Tech is looking in to issuing a proposal pretty soon to try to get a bike share company on campus," City Secretary Becky Garza said. "That's why we started looking at it."

There have been some regulation issues with the bike sharing programs around the state. In Dallas, bikes have been left abandoned in walkways, yards, and even lakes. The city wants to avoid this at all costs.

"We want to be sure that we have something in place that works for everybody, not just on Tech campus, but also if those bikes are driven into the city like the Depot District or Tech Terrace they're not just abandoned," Garza said.

If everything goes as planned, you can expect to see bike sharing on the Tech campus in the fall. As far as biking around the city, that proposal is still in the early stages.

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