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Family Seeks Refuge With Help From Lubbock Red Cross

NewsChannel 11 met a 50-year-old New Orleans native who never thought she'd be in West Texas with her daughter and two grand-children, wondering when the money would run out.

Debbie Ipock says this experience makes her feel, "numb, angry, depressed. Life as you know it no longer exists." Debbie, her daughter, and two grand kids are now safe in Lubbock, but getting out of the storm meant packing up in a matter of minutes and taking the necessities only. "You can't take what you can't put a price tag on." It also meant leaving a lifetime of memories behind. "The memorabilia that you leave behind; your pictures, everything you knew might not be there."

The Ipocks packed for three days hoping to return home. Although they're staying with family and friends, the Red Cross has helped with hot food, clothes, and even prescriptions. But not every person seeking refuge in Lubbock has a family to stay with which is why Red Cross is finding temporary homes for hundreds.

Debbie says, "You really don't know a place like Red Cross is there until you really need them." And now that the Ipocks have food, shelter, and health care, there's only one need that could never be replaced. "I have my daughter, my husband, my two grand kids that's all I need, as long as I know the rest of my family is okay, that's all I need.

The Ipock family says now that they don't have jobs, they would like to spend their time here in Lubbock volunteering at the local Red Cross.

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