Local wine producers talk global shortage

Local wine producers talk global shortage
Source: KCBD Video

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Wine production in 2017 was at its lowest level since 1957. Much of this is due to bad weather conditions in Europe.

At today's Uncorked event, KCBD caught up with some of the wine producers to get their thoughts on this and see if they think they may end up benefiting from it.

"I think long-term that we'll have the chance to expose people to Texas wines that aren't very familiar with to show that we can produce world-class wines on a global scale."

Anthony Furgeson of Farmhouse Vineyards says many of the wine producers at today's event also believed that Texas wine can compete with just about anywhere.

Brad Stewart of the High Plains Wine Growers Association tells KCBD, "Some of the wines that are being produced out of this region along with what we're selling to the Hill Country wineries along 290, Fredericksburg, Austin area, is exceptional wine. I think people have a connotation about Texas wine that maybe it's not as good as California or as good as France but I would challenge that. I would tell them to go try it."

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