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How You Can Assist The Hurricane Evacuees Here In Lubbock

If you would like to volunteer to help the evacuees here in Lubbock, come to the Red Cross at 2201 19th street.

Volunteers must be at least eighteen years old with a government ID. Sixteen year olds can volunteer with a guardian.

Volunteers are doing various jobs from ansewering phones to sorting clothes. They currenly have several hundred volunteers signed up, but they said that they can always use extra help. The Red Cross is still taking monetary donations. But if you want to donate clothes or blankets, the red cross says "think big."

"We need stuff in bulk, items in bulk. Were going to be able to utilize all the items that are donated to us," said Disater Volunteer Coordinator Adam Soto.

For thoses that want to donate clothes they need to take them to Posey Elementary at 1301 Redbud. From there they will be sorted and taken to shelters to give to the hurricane victims.

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