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408 Evacuees Staying at Reese Technology Center

408 evacuees are staying at the Reese Center and more are on the way. The city is still waiting to find out when the next round of evacuees will arrive. Lubbock City Councilman Tom Martin says, "We've been told those victims of the hurricane left in New Orleans are the most feeble with the greatest needs. Those victims are the ones we believe will be arriving in Lubbock in the coming days." The evacuees started arriving by plane around 2 p.m. Sunday. They underwent medical and background checks once the planes landed. From there, twenty-one Citibuses were used to take them to Reese Center. City Manager Lou Fox says, "It really moves your heart. I'm really proud of what we've done here in Lubbock and I'm really excited for these people that they have a place that's safety and warmth." Fifty of the evacuees at Reese have made contact with family members and will be leaving soon. The city is also planning a job fair for evacuees later this week.

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