Report details accusations of sexual harassment, sexual assault against former TTU band director

Report details accusations of sexual harassment, sexual assault against former TTU band director
Duane Hill (Provided by Texas Tech University)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Texas Tech University has just released the details of a sexual harassment investigation that led to the resignation of former Associate Director of Bands Duane Hill.

Hill resigned on March 30 following an investigation that began with a complaint from an unnamed student on Jan. 12.

The student told TTU administrators that they "had received inappropriate and sexually suggestive communications from Prof. Duane Hill via Snapchat."

The report, which was finalized on April 12, states that Hill violated four Tech operating polices: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Policy and Complaint Procedure; Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy; Faculty, Staff and Student Conflict of Interest; and Promotion and Tenure Standards and Procedure.

The report states, "On January 9, 2018, during the course of a separate Title IX investigation which did not involve Prof. Hill, a different student informed the Office of Equal Opportunity investigators that the Goin' Band Director, Prof. Hill, had been sending flirtatious and sexually suggestive communications to male students in the band that on occasion included pictures of his genitalia."

Hill was associate director of bands from August 2012 through March 30, 2018.

Several male students told investigators they had received inappropriate messages from Prof. Hill.

The report includes details of sexually explicit communications between Prof. Hill and five male students, along with descriptions of explicit communications between Prof. Hill and other students going back to 2012.

One student recounted receiving an unsolicited video of masturbation from Prof. Hill's Snapchat followed by a message that said, 'oMy bad. I meant to send that to someone else."

The report states: "Although a lot of students were aware of the inappropriate communications by Prof. Hill, he stated there was a general reluctance on the part of students to 'blow the whistle' because they liked him so much."

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