Texas Forever Custom Feeds

This is Al Crisp for Texas Forever Custom Feeds.

Texas Forever Custom Feeds is a custom cow feed mixing business that can build you a custom cow maintenance diet for as low as $170/ton.

If you are worried about the drought or worried about selling your cows for low prices because of the drought...we can keep you going without breaking the bank.

We also build a custom show calf diet that is no more than $250/ton. Folks...this is the real deal. We have 7 grand champions that were fed on this feed this year, most of them at major shows, along with multiple breed and reserve breed champions.

We have partnered with Quality liquid feeds to build a liquid additive for this feed that contains many micro-nutrients that help us control coccidai. This feed also contains celmanax to control any toxins, as well as zinpro. Zinpro is a complete organic mineral package that easily breaks down in your cows stomach, which makes the nutrients readily available for use by your  cows. This stuff will make 'em pop and make 'em shine.

Call Tyler at T-Money Feeds in Lamesa, Texas at (806) 870-0880 and ask for Texas Forever Custom Feeds!

Folks...we can pump...your cows...up!