Student athletes encouraged to apply for Fuddruckers Pete Christy Exciting Tough Talk Scholarship

Student athletes encouraged to apply for Fuddruckers Pete Christy Exciting Tough Talk Scholarship
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Pete Christy Exciting Tough Talk Scholarship was born back in September, thanks to something Lubbock Christian Head Football Coach Chris Softley said during his preview and Fuddruckers reacting to it.

Current senior student-athletes can now apply to earn either one $1,000 scholarship or one of two $500 scholarships.

The Exciting Tough Talk Contest brought to you by Fuddruckers and Wellington State Bank counts the number of times high school coaches say certain words during the Pigskin Previews.

In 2017, it was tough, exciting, ready and kids. Many coaches try to not say the words. However, for the second straight year, all 76 coaches said at least one of them.

Lubbock Christian's Chris Softley, who's in his second year leading the Eagles, tried to not to use any of the words, but caught himself saying excited and then had a priceless reaction.

"We're excited for the opportunities we get. Darn it, I said excited. You're going to do that ticker. I hate that. Does Fuddruckers make a donation for that or what? How does that work? The more I say that is it better for someone. Is it like a charity donation?"

Fuddruckers Mickey Rogers and Daniel Stanton saw what Coach Softley said and a great idea was born. Mickey called me to let me know they wanted to start a scholarship.

"We will donate a dollar for every tough, exciting, kid. I think it ended up being $855 so we rounded it up to $1,000 and we will give out $1,000 in scholarships to some deserving man or woman in the South Plains."

Mickey deferred to me on who will receive the money for the Fuddruckers Pete Christy Exciting Tough Talk Scholarship and the details on how it will be handed out.

"I'm going to let you decide that. We will either do $1,000 to one individual or two $500 scholarships. We will let Pete decide."

So I decided if you are a current student athlete senior in our viewing area at one of the 80 high schools we cover, to be eligible for one $1,000 scholarship or one of two $500 scholarships, email me at

Tell me about yourself: your exciting and tough academic and athletic career. Let me know how excited you are heading to college and how a scholarship will help your journey. I also want to hear about your future plans. What going to college means to you. What your major is and what you aspire to be.

I am accepting emails now through May 31. I'll have a panel look at the emails with me and we will choose one or two student athletes for the scholarships.

Upon hearing his reaction started a scholarship that will benefit kids for years to come through the Exciting Tough Talk Contest, Chris Softley was amazed by this blessing and used all four words from the contest in the process.

"I'm excited that Fuddruckers is going to bless some tough West Texas kids. I'm ready to see this scholarship take off. I'm humbled and grateful."

So the Fuddruckers Pete Christy Exciting Tough Talk Scholarship is born. That's really awesome!

I want to personally thank Fuddruckers for allowing me to bless some deserving athletes in our viewing area with scholarship money.

Email me now at

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