Leaving kids in hot cars is dangerous, and against the law

Leaving kids in hot cars is dangerous, and against the law
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - As the weather warms up on the South Plains, LPD is reminding parents, leaving kids in hot cars is dangerous, and it's against the law.

The Lubbock Police Department wants people to know it is illegal to leave a child under 7 in a vehicle for longer than five minutes if there is not another person in the car with them who is older than 14.

Depending on what happens to the child, you could end up with a Class C misdemeanor or a felony charge for abandoning and endangering a child.

Lubbock Fire Rescue says as the temperatures rise, the temperatures in a car can get very dangerous very quickly, because of the confined space.

"This time of year, the hot weather causes the temperatures inside the car to increase dramatically as the windows are rolled up and the vehicle's not running," LFR's Kevin Ivy said.

LPD says officers get calls reporting children unattended in cars all the time when the warm weather comes around.

LFR warns that leaving a child in a hot car can have serious consequences in a short time.

"A child's body temperature rises way faster than an adult so you want to make sure you don't leave them inside a hot car," Ivy said.

The same rules apply to pets.

"Cracking that window is not enough to keep your pet cool," Katherine Wells of the Lubbock Health Department said.

If you come across a child alone in a car, you are advised to take action.

"Try if you can get them out of a car and if you can find the adult," Ivy said. "If not, call 911 and we will respond as soon as we can."

LPD says if the child is in obvious distress the person can take the necessary steps to remove the child from the car like breaking the window farthest from the child, but that can only be done after calling 911.

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