Worth the Weight: Springlake-Earth still going strong thanks to weight room donation

Worth the Weight: Springlake-Earth still going strong thanks to weight room donation
Springlake-Earth (Source: KCBD Video)

SPRINGLAKE-EARTH, TX (KCBD) - Out in Springlake-Earth, it was just an ordinary day for the Wolverines.

"Whenever I first got here, it was kind of crazy," Wolverine Junior Rolando Arenas said. "Coming in at seven in the morning, I was dead for like a month."

"It became a routine when we started 2-a-days our freshman year," Wolverine Junior Kelsey Henson said. "We have to get ready to start the grind of the day."

That grind is growing and getting better as a team, with the help of some equipment that was donated a little over eight years ago.

"A school our size, with our type of resources," Springlake-Earth Head Football Coach Israel DeLeon said. "If it wasn't for Manny, we would never have this type of equipment."

It was in 2010, when Tommy Tuberville took over the Texas Tech football program.

He wanted to renovate their workout facility, leaving some valuable equipment that would soon be purchased by Manny Ramirez and his good friend Keyunta Dawson.

"For me it was more of a thank you," Former Red Raider Manny Ramirez said. "When I came home to train during the offseason, they would always allow me to use their facilities whenever I needed them. So, when the opportunity presented itself with the weight room equipment, I was like, this is the perfect place."

It really is the perfect place, and something you probably didn't know.

Five years ago, Manny donated 33 brand new helmets to the Wolverine football program.

"Those are just things and he won't ever brag or talk about that stuff," DeLeon said. "That is from Manny and Iris, that is their influence on our community."

Ramirez and his family live in Earth, and love seeing the program succeed.

"So yeah, I definitely support Springlake-Earth like no other," Ramirez said. "Very proud."

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