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Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treatment

I think most people know by now that the Brown Recluse is a dangerous zspider that can leave a devastating mark on its victims. What you may not know is that there is treatment for that bite here in Lubbock that could keep you from becoming disfigured.

Like one man, who watched what he thought was a boil on his thumb, even taking pictures of it each day, until day nine. Day nine took this man to the emergency room where he learned it was in fact a brown recluse bite. Compare that to this Lubbock junior high student. Amber's wound is also day nine after a Brown Recluse bite. The difference is Amber was treated in the HBO, or hyperbaric oxygen chamber. That means she was rolled into this machine,with the door closed for 2 hours at a time, to begin the healing process.

"What the HBO does is it oxidizes the toxin. The toxin keeps working day after day and it comes in contact with an artery it just constricts it and doesn't let enough blood flow in. So its a way to just turn that off and after that she is 12 and she will just grow new blood vessels, and the wound will contract. It is amazing you can see it close day by day," says Dr. Randall Wolcott the director of the Wound Care Center. Dr. Wolcott says most people don't react violently to a Brown Recluse bite, but he says after a few days if something you thought was a bite or a boil, begins to turn bluish and spread; you need to see a doctor.

He says doctors need to know that hyperbaric oxygen is proven to show dramatic results in healing any wounds from a brown recluse bite. It worked for Amber. Remember, this was the bite nine days later. This is her leg today,after several treatments in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. It looks like a dark tomb that you're rolled into, but actually, what we couldn't see is that she can see in there, because once you're inside; it is all glass.

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