Lubbock woman pleads guilty to murder of 4-year-old

Lubbock woman pleads guilty to murder of 4-year-old
Yvonne Gonzales (Source: Lubbock County Detention Center)
Alryah Sanchez (Source: Facebook)
Alryah Sanchez (Source: Facebook)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It has been more than two years since 4-year-old Alyrah Sanchez was murdered. Today, a judge accepted the guilty plea of Yvonne Gonzales. She was 19-years-old when the child was killed in 2015. She will be sentenced on June 4, 2018.

According to the warrant, Alyrah's father Issac Sanchez was at work in 2015 when EMS and the Lubbock Police Department were called to their North Lubbock home.

Per the documents, Gonzales stated she found Alyrah sleeping and was unresponsive.

LPD notes that Gonzales' story changed several times when she was initially questioned by responding officers.

Gonzales and the girl's father were dating at the time and they were all living at Gonzales' father's house.

The warrant also states Gonzales called 911 and was instructed to perform CPR on Alyrah, shortly after, Alyrah started to vomit and was taken to Covenant Children's Hospital, where she died.

According to the warrant, an EMS supervisor told a responding LPD officer that Alyrah had heavy bruising on the right side of her face.

It also states that Sanchez asked an officer, "If she hurt my child, what do I do?" as he pointed to Gonzales.

When Sanchez was asked if he believes Gonzales injured his child, he recalled seeing bruises on Alyrah's face on Monday and when he asked Gonzales about it, he told police that she never gave him an answer.

The warrant also states that Sanchez told police that when he comes home from work, Alyrah would tell him how mean Gonzales was to her.

According to the warrant, at the bottom of her medical records report from Covenant Children's Hospital, it stated, "Of note, the patient did have the bruising as described in the complete physical exam above and I am suspicious of non-accidental trauma."

While the Lubbock County Medical Examiner's Office took photographs, the warrant states they noticed bruises on the right side of her face and along her right ear, and a few small bruises to the back of her body.

The autopsy report, as communicated by an LPD detective, states there were multiple blunt force trauma and multiple injuries visible on her face, head and body.

X-rays showed that two bones in her left forearm were broken and she had stages of bruising ranging from possibly three days to three weeks old and there was distinctive trauma to the inside of her mouth.

A spokesperson for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services tells us CPS has had prior involvement with this family.

They also say Alyrah had a 10-month old sister, who was placed in foster care at the time.

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