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Food for Thought Report 9.8

Seven area schools are all they're cracked up to be and more. Each had a perfect health inspection. The following are food for thought top performers.

  • Dupre Elementary
  • Hardwick Elementary
  • Hutchinson Junior High
  • Iles Elementary
  • Lubbock High School
  • Roscoe Wilson Elementary
  • Whiteside Elementary

Food for Thought 9.8
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 9/8/05.

Five more schools had just one critical violaton each:

  • Irons Junior High
    • Chicken strips and a left over burger that were not datemarked.  The violation was corrected on site. Aramark School Support Services manages all of LISD's cafeterias. They tell NewsChannel 11 the employee was counseled on prior training regarding proper date-marking procedures.
  • At Northridge Elementary School, (a Frenship ISD School also managed by Aramark)
    • The final rinse temperature guage was not working on the dishwasher.  The problem was corrected the next day.
  • At Project Intercept School
    • Mouse droppings were found in the kitchen.  Aramark says a hole in the concrete near the base of the wall and the floor was filled to prevent pests.
  • Over at Bowie Elementary
    • A cook did not change gloves and wash hands after using a potholder to pick up a thermometer off the floor. The violations was addressed on site. The employees at the school were retrained on proper hygiene procedures.
  • Dunbar Junior High
    • The walk-in cooler temperature was 52 degrees. Cold foods must be held at 45 degrees or cooler. Aramark contacted professionals and repairs were made immediately. They say the kitchen manager checked the temperature of the unit that morning. It was working fine at that time, but was not cooling properly between the morning check and the inspection.

Now onto area restaurants.

Chinese Kitchen at 5308 Slide Road is low performer number one this week with five critical violations.

  • A cook did not wash their hands with soap.
  • A tray of egg rolls was past the expiration date.
  • A food container was in a mop sink.
  • Some refrigerators had no thermometer.
  • Several food contact surfaces were soiled or not in good repair.

Four of the five critical violations were corrected on site. A manager at Chinese Kitchen says everything has been corrected. She added they try to follow all the health guidelines.

Harrigan's at 3827 50th is our second low performer also with five critical violations. Harrigan's General Manager Fred Popanz brought NewsChannel 11 inside his kitchen to address each one.

  • First, employees were not washing their hands between job duties or properly changing gloves. Popanz explains, they simply moved the gloves from cooks line to the handsink to address the problem.  He says, "Safety and cleanliness always have been our number one goals.
  • Next, the inspector said ice in the bar bins was contaminated. Popanz explains, "We were making Bloody Mary mix and she (the inspector) came in at the start of lunch and we had some pepper in the ice bin and she saw that.  That was defintely our fault."
  • Lint on the back of microwaves and food build up created a cross contamination hazard.  To that Popanz says, "Inside these gaskets there was build up inside them.  They are all brand new gaskets.  We just have to make sure at the end of each shift we get a little more detailed in the cleaning."
  • Heavy build up in the back alley allowed flies to enter the facilty. Fred explains, "Now we're set up on a schedule where they come out once a month and power spray the back deck."
  • Harrigan's recieved their last violation for soiled dishes. Popanz says it was as simple as fixing a problem with the dishwasher.  He adds, "One of the rods inside had a broken end. So now the water pressure gets plates as clean as they need to be and there's no spotting at all."

Our final low performer is no stranger to Food for Thought, Golden Corral at 5117 Loop 289. Golden Corral had six critical violations.

  • Cornbeef has was not cooling properly.
  • Sausage was found above the required cold temperature.
  • Chicken strips were found below the required hot temperature.
  • A handwashing sink was being used to dump ice.
  • A spray bottle was not labeled.
  • A reach in cooler did not have a thermometer.

All Golden Corral's critical violations were corrected on site. A manager declinded to comment.

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