Burn ban continues for Lake Alan Henry

Burn ban continues for Lake Alan Henry
(Source: Lubbock Police Department)

(KCBD) - If you're headed to Lake Alan Henry this weekend, remember there is a burn ban in effect. There is a burn ban in effect for nearly every county in the KCBD viewing area. The wildfire danger will remain elevated until more significant precipitation returns to West Texas.

The LPD Marine Unit will be patrolling the lake and campsites.

It is very dry there and temperatures are expected to be in the triple digits through the weekend.

Clouds will pass by at times, but overall our days will be mostly sunny. Which means, there will be little chance of rain. A stray storm or two may develop near and (mainly) east of the Caprock late this afternoon. No storms are in sight Saturday. A stray storm or two may be sighted, mainly northern viewing area, Sunday. Then just a sliver of a chance of a shower Memorial Day.

One spark could cause a massive fire at Lake Alan Henry. Due to the burn ban, no fire pits or ground fires are allowed. If you are grilling, you must have a lid.

With the heat, there are a few things for you to remember to stay safe when you're outside.

  • Limit outdoor activity and try to avoid outdoor physical activity during the afternoon.
  • Schedule outdoor work for the early morning/evening.
  • Reschedule your jog or bike ride.
  • Use 30+ SPF sunscreen - sunburn reduces your body's ability to cool itself.
  • Drink extra water - avoid caffeine and alcohol - and replace electrolytes.
  • Take frequent breaks - preferably in an air-conditioned indoor space.
  • When outside wear lightweight and light-colored clothing, and wear a hat.
  • Check the back seat!
  • NEVER leave children, or an adult with health issues, or even pets, inside a parked vehicle!
  • DO NOT spray children, pets, or plants with a garden hose until you're sure the water is not hot.

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