Slides reach temps over 160 degrees at Lubbock playgrounds

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - With triple-digit heat still in the forecast, we went out to see just how hot the equipment gets at Lubbock playgrounds.

The heat definitely took a toll on slides and other playground equipment baking in the sun, but that didn't stop parents from taking their kids to the playground to have a little fun.

"I think its important to be able to get outside and be in nature," parent Katherine Reynolds said. "Not be on the TV or iPads, but be able to get out and let some energy out and enjoy the sun."

Although everyone enjoys the sunshine, it can really heat up that playground equipment.

"Don't assume that the playground equipment is safe, regardless of the temperatures outside," Doctor Zakri Redding of UMC Northwest Pediatrics said. "Playground equipment can be very hot if it's under direct sunlight."

So KCBD put it to the test to find out just how hot the playground equipment was this morning in Maxey Park. First, we tested a spring toy that came in at a sizzling 132 degrees.

Then we tested several slides on the playground. The first slide measured 143 degrees. The second slide came in at a blistering 161 degrees.

Your best bet to keep you children safe is to follow basic steps.

"The biggest precaution we can do before the kids go out and play is just put your hands on the equipment, touch it to make sure it's not very hot," Dr. Redding said. "A good rule of thumb would be if you're feeling heat when you touch it and it's hot to you, then we would definitely want to keep kids off that playground equipment."

Remember to keep your kids in long shorts or pants, keep shoes on, and visit the park either in the early morning or late afternoon, when the heat won't be as harsh.

"My kids are playing on the equipment and I want to be able to feel safe bringing the kids," Reynolds said. "I want them to be able to play on the equipment and not worry about them hurting their hands or running around barefoot or touching the equipment."

For more tips on how to stay safe on the playground in this heat, click here.

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