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Bill Clayton Detention Center Boosts Littlefield Economy

The Bill Clayton Detention Center, named for former Speaker of the House Bill Clayton sits on thirty acres in Littlefield. Security fences, cameras, locks and more keep offenders inside. Warden Ed Gonzalez says, "We have bank robbers, forgers and biggest part of the population is drug offenders." Warden Gonzalez is in charge of 301 inmates. He says, "The control room has to know who's going in and who's going out. No id card, no in, no out."

Inside, the inmates are put to work. Gonzalez says, "We try to keep inmates busy when they first come in. We emphasize adult education and getting their GED. Every inmate that is in this institution has a job, so they'll work as you can see they're laying concrete right now." The inmates are building a handball court. Gonzalez says, "The inmates by unit will come down and get rec time and go back. We have one or two units so they're in control of inmates."

Inside the facility, life is structured, secure and controlled. Gonzalez says, "When we walk the staff, walks in the yellow lines. Inmates walk on the outside." Additional security was added when the facility transitioned from juveniles to adults in 2004. Gonzalez says, "There was a second fence put in. Not only the second fence, but two other security systems were also added."

Gonzalez says the safety of the inmates, staff and the city of Littlefield are top priority. Gonzalez says, "We have outstanding people working for me. It makes my job easy. The city of Littlefield is outstanding."

The prison brings $5 million dollars to the Littlefield economy each year. $1.5 million is in salaries alone.

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