RAW VIDEO: Game Warden video provides another view of splashing incident at Buffalo Springs Lake

A NewsChannel 11 viewer sent us cell phone video from Buffalo Springs Lake that raised some safety concerns as a game warden is shown splashing kids with his boat propeller.

The video shows children in the designated swimming area. A patrolling game warden drives the boat by, revs the engine while exposing part of the propeller, and sprays the kids with water. It's meant to be fun, but some viewers are asking if this is safe or even legal.

Captain Aryn Corley of Texas Parks and Wildlife has been analyzing the video frame by frame since he first received it.

"When I was notified of the video and told there may be some concerns about safety, I take that very seriously and I look into it to make sure we get the whole side of the story," Corley said.

While the cell phone video tells one side of the story, it wasn't the only video taken that day. Footage was shot by the game warden who was in the original video and Corley says it shows a different story.

Corley says the video shows the kids nowhere near the boat. Also, when the boat sprays the water, it is moving even further away from the kids.

As for the law, Corley says these actions were not illegal.

"Let's say if someone was spraying someone else with  their propeller, while the act itself might not be a violation of the law, we certainly have to make sure if they're doing that that they're doing that in a safe manner," he said.

Corley said after analyzing both videos, the game warden was taking every precaution needed to keep the kids safe and have fun, but he says the game warden involved in this has personally decided not to do this again because he doesn't want people to think game wardens are unsafe.

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