Slightly cooler with a chance for rain overnight

Slightly cooler with a chance for rain overnight
Source: KCBD Graphic

LUBBOCK, TX (AP) - Isolated storms hit the South Plains late Tuesday and will progress across the northern and western South Plains through mid-day on  Wednesday.

Due to the slow movement of storms, heavy rain will be likely with some potential for flooding, especially in the Texas Panhandle areas.

Wednesday should bring a slight drop in temps with the daytime highs expected to remain in the mid 90s to just below the century mark. However, that range of temps will still be above normal for this time of year and those 90s will continue into the weekend.

Rain chances will remain low until Sunday and into early next week. By then, the remnants of Hurricane Bud will bring plenty of tropical moisture to the area and increasing chances of rain and heavy thunderstorms.

As the moisture does return, along with clouds, the daytime temps should fall back to the mid and upper 80s early next week.

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