Victim had mentor relationship with teen accused of killing him

Photo of Rodolfo Reina from back in his junior high days provided by Gloria Reina
Photo of Rodolfo Reina from back in his junior high days provided by Gloria Reina

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A teenager is behind bars charged with the murder of 55-year-old Rodolfo Reina.

Reina's body was found in the 3200 block of Baylor Street early Friday morning.

Now, his sister, Gloria Reina, says these two actually knew each other, even calling Reina a mentor to the teen that killed him.

Gloria says she doesn't know what went wrong. The worst part, she says, is that Reina was killed two days before Father's Day, his favorite holiday.

"He always told me, we got to have Father's Day because he's a father to a lot of them," Gloria said. "They just don't know it."

Gloria was planning something special for her brother on Father's Day and is shocked and saddened to know he'll never get to see it.

Police arrived at her door after finding her brother's body dead on the sidewalk right in front of his home, just two doors down from hers.

Reina couldn't believe it when police told her that her brother was dead.

"I said, are you sure I'm not sleepwalking?" Gloria said. "They said no this is for real."

Police immediately began investigating this death as a homicide.

"I didn't think that would ever happen to Rudy because Rudy was a very giving person," she said. "He gave everybody something, he'd give you his shirt if you asked him for it."

She says his best quality was turned against him. Police arrested a 16-year-old boy and charged him with murder, a boy who was well known to Gloria and Rudy.

"Rudy has a big heart for everybody and he ran into this young gentleman," Gloria said. "Rudy took him underneath his wing and helped him get landscaping jobs, that way he could get more jobs."

Just two days away from his favorite holiday, Gloria had a huge dinner planned for her brother for Father's Day. Now she doesn't know if she will go through with her plans.

"It's so close to Father's Day and I don't know if I'm going to have the strength to do that good cooking, especially not having him around," she said.

This is still an ongoing investigation, but the teen is behind bars and will be charged with murder.

Gloria says she holds no ill-will toward the suspect and says she hopes he will get the help he deserves.

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