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Plainview Physician Created A Medical Marvel

When Dr. Lon Jones retired as a physician in Plainview, we went to work on what he believed to be a medical marvel. Researchers first discovered by accident that an herbal ingredient called Xylitol, helped prevent tooth decay. Dr. Jones says he found that when used in a nose wash, it can also cut the risk of ear infections by about 90 percent, so, now, he's manufacturing that herbal remedy called clear, spelled with an x.

"When I found out what it did, I called the FDA and I said I have a neat way to wash your nose, and they said we don't have a category for nose wash. Last year, it was voted the best new natural medicine by 2004 health food stores. The soldiers in Iraq can't get enough of it and it's the most requested with the troops in Iraq," says Dr. Jones who is the maker of Xclear nose wash. So, when you see Xclear in health food stores in Lubbock, you know now that a physician in Plainview came up with the idea after testing that nose wash on a lot of kids in Plainview, and a lot more troops in Iraq. Bottom line, we says you can prevent what could be a dangerous ear infection simply by washing your nose with a natural cleansing ingredient at the first sign of cold or allergy symptoms.

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