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Denver City Hospital

Denver City may seem like a small town, but its hospital is busy enough to treat 5 to 6 thousand patients every year. A recent bond project built it up from a clinic to a regional medical center with an expanded emergency room, a beautiful new dialysis center, and a new physical therapy and fitness center with 1700 members in a town of 39 hundred people, but the addition of a real helipad means more than just progress. It means the folks out here understand now how close you can get to a helicopter landing without something precious blowing away.

"We had a local person here in town that was hair challenged and had a piece he wore on the top of his head and he showed up for the landing event and sometime during the helicopter landing his piece blew off and went rolling down the street and he would chase it and just before he would catch it, another gust of wind would take it off again. It was like a cartoon scene. He didn't stick around for much longer. I guess he was too embarrassed," says Clay Taylor the hospital administrator.

Clay says another fond memory is when a skunk checked into the ER and all the patients and even the nurses wanted to check-out. Finally, he says the police came and arrested the skunk, but he bonded out without a scent.

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