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Food for Thought Report 9.15

There are about 70 food establishments in Levelland and health inspector Gary Lyon keeps tabs on them all... even if it means he has to venture into the Mean Woman Grill!  Co-owner Miz Ayn explains, "I was a waitress for years and years and years in Lubbock and I became gripey and intolerant.  One day finally, a guy just got overwhelmed and he thought I was too mean and he said so and I said 'Oh great, someday I'll have to open up my own restaurant and call it the Mean Woman."

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Food for Thought 9.15
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 9/15/05.

Someday came eight years ago. Miz Ayn and her business partner now serve some of the tastiest burgers you'll find from and old Levelland service station. Lyon periodically drops by to make sure they're doing it right.  He makes sure all refrigerators and coolers are at the proper temperature and the temperature of the burgers and hot foods is correct.  Lyon explains, "The internal temp of the burger has to be 165 degrees.  This chile here is 160 degrees.  That kills all the bacteria."

Lyon watches the employees and their food handling practices, checks for datemarking and shines his flashlight in the darkest corners, showing no fear of the "Mean Woman."  Miz Ayn says, "We're not really mean... maybe a little later in the week but not today!" 

Lyon washes his hands in the food prep area to test the water temperature.  He says, "The first thing I look at in the food prep area is that they have hot water, soap and papertowels." Lyon also looks for a clean waitress station, the heimlich chart, signs of cross contamination, and the list goes on. On this inspection, the Mean Woman is flawless.  Lyon says, "She did good.  No critical violations."  Miz Ayn adds, "We've been in Texas Monthly Magazine, Texas Highway, US Airlines Magazine.  We thought it was a cute gimmick and it has really worked out and we sell lots of t-shirts that say Mean Woman.  It's all good."

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