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Teacher You Can Count On: David Chapman

Not all lessons are taught in the classroom, some important skills needed for life are learned on the football field. Coach David Chapman is passionate about teaching student athletes. At hutchison Jr. High, Coach Chapman teaches his kids to be well rounded and strive in school just as much as they do in the sports they play. When asked why he became a coach he stated, "It's all about the kids... Our goal for these kids is we want to watch them on friday night." Coach David Chapman has been coaching football at Hutch for 14 years. He knows football is more than a game. "It's not about playing football it's about being a good student and going off to college and getting a degree." says Chapman. He belives getting an education and self discipline are the main goals needed to teach. The pressure on the field can only be handled with practice and hard work. "We are hard on these kids every once in a while but you know it's for the best of them. First thing we talk about is discipline you have to be structured and organized we want to teach these kids about life, it's not about winning or loosing, it's about making them a better kid a better person. Main thing is to not worry about mistakes, mistakes are going to happen and when we have a mistake, over come it rise above it make a good play and big things will happen," is how Chapman replied when speaking about his views on coaching.  News Channel 11 asked Chapman  what he wanted his students to walk away with at the end of the semester. He replied, "That they learn something here. We always have a bunch of kids coming back and saying we appreciate you teaching us." When going out to play on game day coach Chapman stresses to his players that it's not about winning or loosing, but about getting better for the next game. If you know of a teacher you would like to recognize please send us an e-mail at teacher@kcbd.com.

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