Lubbock, Texas Weekend on C-SPAN2's Book TV and C-SPAN3's American History TV

Lubbock, Texas Weekend on C-SPAN2's Book TV and C-SPAN3's American History TV
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With the help of our Suddenlink by Altice cable partners, this weekend the C-SPAN Cities Tour takes Book TV (on C-SPAN2) and American History TV (on C-SPAN3) to Lubbock, Texas as we highlight the history and literary life of this city of about 252,500 people, and home to rock n' roll legend Buddy Holly.

Located in the northwestern part of the state and centered in the South Plains, the area is considered one of the largest cotton-growing regions in the world. As we tour the city, we'll take viewers inside the Bayer Museum of Agriculture to learn more about the cotton and agriculture industries, tour the National Ranching Heritage Center to hear about the history of cattle ranching, and we'll visit the campus of Texas Tech University to hear from local authors and view some of their special collections. We'll learn about these topics and much more….

On Saturday, all of our Book TV (C-SPAN2) literary offerings from Lubbock will air together in one block beginning at 11am CT, including interviews with area writers. We'll hear from author Sean Cunningham talk about the rise of conservatism through his book, American Politics in the Postwar Sunbelt. All of this and more…

  • Author Alwyn Barr, Black Texans: A History of African Americans in Texas, 1528-1995.
  • Author Paul Carlson, West Texas: A History of The Giant Side of the State
  • Author Miguel Levario, Militarizing the Border: When Mexicans Became the Enemy
  • Author Katherine Hayhoe, A Climate Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions
  • Tour Lubbock with Mayor Dan Pope

And on Sunday, all our history programming from the city will air on American History TV (C-SPAN3) beginning at 1pm CT, including a visit to the Buddy Holly Center where we'll hear about the legacy of musician Buddy Holly. A native of Lubbock, he was only 22 years old when he was killed in a plane crash. Curator Jacquie Bober talks about his early years in the city and how his music has influenced other popular artists. Also, we'll take viewers to the Vietnam Center and Archive, located at Texas Tech University the center is home to the largest collection of Vietnam related material outside of the U.S. National Archives. Director Steve Maxner shows items from the collection including material from the Department of the Army Special Photographic Office, a group that chronicled the Vietnam War through photographs and film. All of this and more….

  • History of Ranching in the American West with Jim Bret Campbell – National Ranching Heritage Center
  • Tour the American Windmill Museum with Tanya Meadow
  • Visit the Bayer Museum of Agriculture with Dan Taylor and Lacee Hoelting
  • Tour Lubbock with Mayor Dan Pope

In addition to the individual segments airing on their respective networks, they will also air together during the following dates and times:

  • Book TV (on C-SPAN2) block: Saturday, July 7, 11am CT (Suddenlink channel 27)
  • American History TV (on C-SPAN3) block: Sunday, July 8, 1pm CT (Suddenlink channel 379)

Visit our special Lubbock page, where each segment will be available to view after it airs! In addition, all video segments will be available indefinitely in our C-SPAN Video Library. For more information about the C-SPAN Cities Tour and programming, visit and @CSPANCities on Twitter.