Testimony to continue in Gaines County trial of Bobby Ruiz

Testimony to continue in Gaines County trial of Bobby Ruiz
Bobby Ruiz, 31 (Source: Gaines County Jail)

SEMINOLE, TX (KCBD) - A co-defendant in a Gaines County murder case has testified before a jury in an attempt to exonerate Bobby Ruiz in the 2012 death of John Allen and Jay Doyal.

Both Allen and Doyal were found at a home near the intersection of C.R. 347 and C.R. 306 in western Gaines County.

In this case, Ruiz is charged with the double homicide and is currently standing trial.  During testimony Tuesday Nicodemus Daniel "Dan-Dan" Sosa said Ruiz was not involved in the murders, pinning the deaths solely on himself.

Defence attorney Ron Wardrop floated a theory that suggested Rodney Porter, a Hobbs Police Department investigator, was trying to frame Ruiz and three other people for the murders.

That theory climbed into Wednesday testimony and the notion that the spat that led to Allen's and Doyal's death was regarding stolen diamonds.

A full recount of the trail can be found on the Seminole Sentinel's website at www.seminolesentinel.com.

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