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Weekend Winds Rip Through Lubbock

Winds in excess of 60-70 miles per hour cause damage in Lubbock over the weekend.  Area storms with winds exceeding 65 miles per hour left damage in their wake Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

Memorial Baptist Church sits on the corner of 39th and Flint. It's roof sits in the middle of 39th and Flint.

 "I heard a loud crash and I turned and look and saw the roof was coming over like that the power lines were popping and sparks were going everywhere. I've been in tornados before and that's exactly what is does. It took one of our greenhouses when I lived in Brownfield and threw it 100 feet and when I saw that it was like a flashback and I thought, here we go again," says Hoyt Day.

Day was just feet away from Memorial Baptist Church when the wind tore its rain roof from its hinges and threw it across the road. Day says, "My first thought was tornado so I ran in the house and yelled at my wife and kids and told them we gotta go. I dialed 9-11 and they got freaked out when I told them there was a building lying on 39th and Flint."

On the other side of 39th,the damage was more evident crushing a tree and partially landing on a duplex. Melody Tarwater says, "I heard a noise and went to the door and the roof was basically in the air. I ran back to get my car, keys and phone and called police and told them there was a house in the middle of the road."

The Lubbock Fire Department arrived on the scene four minutes after the first call. District Fire Chief Chris Angerer says, "We could see the roof of the church on the ground and we did have a fire on the backside of duplex over here and that was our first priority so we went ahead and took care of the fire and had other units inside checking around to make sure no one was trapped."

Two people escaped the duplex safely and firefighters put out the fire within minutes. It's the clean-up that will take hours and maybe days. Angerer says, "Those down burst winds have a tendency to lift roofs off the impact, patio covers those types of things so we see this every time the wind gets up like this after a thunderstorm."

The rain roof of the church is what blew off. The existing roof remains in tact. A contractor will work with the church to remove the roof from the road.

The National Weather Service also reported golf-ball to baseball size hale in Slaton Saturday night. No major damage has been reported.

A Lubbock family woke up Sunday morning only to find their trampoline missing. The wind picked up the trampoline from a backyard and threw it in the middle of Slide Road, near 95th. Police moved the trampoline to the grass to prevent traffic crashes.

Dozens of patrons left Adolph's Bar and Grill Sunday morning to find their windows busted out of their cars. Burglary was suspected at first but the culprit turned out to be the wind.

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