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Wind Damage Still Present After Weekend Storm

A church roof is still blocking 39th and Flint Monday evening. Winds up to 67 miles an hour ripped the rain roof off Memorial Baptist Church around midnight Sunday morning. The metal roof crushed a tree, as it landed against a duplex on 39th Street.

"I heard a loud crash, and I turned and look and saw the roof was coming over like that the power lines were popping and sparks were going everywhere," said witness, Hoyt Day.

Those sparks led to a small fire at the duplex but everyone was able to escape safely. Monday, crews spent hours trying to break down the roof and remove it from the road. They hope to have it removed by sun-down. NewsChannel 11 spoke to the church pastor, and he's said he's taking the situation with good humor.

"Now, everybody that comes by, won't even know there's a church here, now they know so we just let them leave it there," said Bob Fagan, Pastor of the Memorial Baptist Church.

The roof that came off the church was a protective rain roof. The existing roof is still in tact but repairs must be made.

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