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Lubbock Prepares for More Evacuees

Lubbock City officials are preparing for 500 Hurricane Rita evacuees who could be in Lubbock by Thursday afternoon. Mandatory evacuations for Houston/ Galveston starts Wednesday evening. Special needs patients will start evacuating Wednesday morning.

In Lubbock, city workers are preparing Reese Center for the evacuees. The state emergency operations center will hold a conference call at 10:30 Wednesday morning to determine how many evacuees would come to Lubbock. Meanwhile, city leaders say they'll be ready for 500 by Wednesday.

Mayor Marc McDougal said, "The mattresses are down, the cots are down, everything at Reese is ready to go and EOC will meet out at Reese at ten in the morning with some of the agencies to make sure we have everything coordinated and ready to go and we'll be ready by noon."

Mayor McDougal estimates the city has spent $650,000 on Katrina relief efforts. Council is expected to hold an emergency meeting Wednesday to approve an additional $500,000 for Katrina. They're also expected to approve $650,000 for Rita relief efforts.

Lubbock county approved $500,000 for Rita relief on Tuesday. They'll help provide security for evacuees staying at Reese Center.

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