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The Easy Crown Molding: Does It Work?

Brenda Shaffer calls herself a do-it-yourselfer. "I was trying to be real careful and I made some boo boos, and I thought I would put crown molding up," she said.

No one's perfect.

"I had surgery on my hands and I can't paint a really straight line any more," she said. Brenda is relying on the Easy Crown molding kit to hide her room's imperfections. This is a product, a flimsy product I might add, that allows you to peel, stick, and your done. You don't need any tools!

But is it really that easy? Or better yet, Does It Work? It better for $60!

"I think it will work," said Brenda.

We started the test on this wall. First, Brenda took a wet cloth and wiped off the dust. Then we placed the second piece on the ceiling. That's two down. No telling how many more to go! When we put up the third piece.

"Oh NO!" Yep. It fell.

"Let's try one more time and see," suggested Brenda.

I thought that I would lend a helping hand. "It's not sticking very good," I said.

We racked our brains on how to make this Easy Crown molding stick! "Liquid nails are probably what you need. I don't have any liquid nails," said Brenda.

Once again, the molding fell.

Brenda pulled out her double sided tape to use and it worked fine. But unfortunately, she didn't have enough to do the whole room.

"If I got it up there with another adhesive and put caulk around it, I still would not know how it would do with the change in temperature. This is a no brainer to me. The Easy Crown Molding Does Not Work.

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