Some Reagor-Dykes departments closed until further notice; judge orders no hearing Aug. 8

How to reach Reagor-Dykes
Bart Reagor leaving federal court on Aug. 3 (Source: KCBD Video)
Bart Reagor leaving federal court on Aug. 3 (Source: KCBD Video)

(KCBD) - Although officials with Reagor-Dykes Auto Group said doors would be open at all of their dealerships today, at a few locations the doors are locked and there are signs saying they're closed until further notice.

The statement issued Friday said in part, "Doors at all of our dealerships will open Monday for business and we look forward to meeting with you and providing the service you have come to expect.  Our employees are the best in the business and our first priority.  Thank you for your continued support."

The sign on the door of the Lamesa location says, "Due to ongoing legal issues with Ford, we are temporarily closed until further notice. If you have a vehicle here in service please call ______ and leave a message. I will be returning calls as soon as possible. Your prayers would be appreciated."

The location in south Lubbock on Hwy. 87, south of 98th Street, is also closed. The doors are locked and the lights are turned off.

There are people inside the downtown and 19th Street locations, but it is unknown if they're fully operational. Employees at the Mitsubishi location on 82nd and Milwaukee say the managerial staff from the south Lubbock location are currently at the Mitsubishi store.

At an Amarillo location, there were only two employees in the sales area, the service area was closed down. They were unclear when asked if they were open and responded, "we're just trying to figure things out."

There is no word from Reagor-Dykes Auto Group officials as to why some locations are not open today. We have reached out to their attorney for comment and are awaiting a response.

At the federal courthouse today, U.S. District Judge Sam R. Cummings ordered the August 8 hearing has been cancelled pending future legal filings, to more efficiently deal with the bankruptcy filing.

Both Ford Motor Credit and Reagor-Dykes Auto Group will meet in bankruptcy court on Aug. 16, which could possibly determine whether the company continues to operate under a reorganization plan, is shut down and liquidated, or is sold to another party.

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