Plainview residents report receiving 'spoofing' calls from scammers

Plainview residents report receiving 'spoofing' calls from scammers
Source: KCBD Graphic

PLAINVIEW, TX (KCBD) - The City of Plainview reported it has received numerous complaints from residents who say they are receiving spoof and robocalls from scammers.

The city has no way of controlling the issue but does advise residents to carefully monitor phone calls and be vigilant of numbers that are unknown. The city reported most residents have had spoof calls -- a call that comes from a number that falsifies caller ID information to make it look like someone from around the area.

This tactic is an attempt to trick people into giving personal information, according to a City of Plainview Facebook post.

Spoof calls are usually difficult to identify immediately but the city advises if a caller or recording ask to hit a button to stop receiving calls, one should hang up the phone immediately. The city also advises to never give out personal information through the phone to entities that are unknown.

The full list of tips can be seen at the city's Facebook post here:

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