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HealthWise at 5 From 9.23

  • Freezing Eggs

Cancer treatment can cause infertility in some women. Now some breakthrough research may help put some eggs "on hold" for the future. Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed an egg freezing technique called vitrification. The egg freezing takes place almost instantly, presenting the formation of ice crystals in the eggs. The current slow-freezing method results in just half of the eggs surviving the thawing process, while the vitrified eggs have a 98% thaw survival.

  • Brain Training

Experts advise regular exercise to keep your body in shape, now a new book has plans to take the flab out of your underworked brain! A doctor from Japan developed train your brain, a brain boosting math workbook for adults. Functional MRI images show how brain neurons light up when challenged with easy math problems. In comparison, TV viewing offers little for brain fitness. 60 days of math exercises will help sharpen your arithmetic skills and your mind.

  • School Blahs

Schools are filled with kids again, as well as the germ soup that everyone in attendance contributes to. Each year kids pick up six to ten colds, and miss an estimated 22 million school days. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases says parents and teachers should remind kids to wash their hands regularly to help thwart infectious germs. According to the Institute, cold season is just ramping up and will soon shift to "high season," lasting until next spring.

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