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Officials Say Rita Evacuees Need Monetary Donations Most

We continue to receive calls from viewers, asking "How can I help?"

When Katrina evacuees arrived, clothing donations were needed, but right now the biggest need is money.

"Katrina folks were really displaced, they were evacuees and survivors looking for a place to start life anew. These people are fleeing in advance of a storm," said Greg Bruce, Chairman of the American Red Cross.

Monetary donations can be made to the American Red Cross at 2201 19th Street or you can call (806) 765-8534. Or you can write a check to the Salvation Army at 1111 16th Street. Their number is (806) 765-9434. Both agencies have been and will continue assisting the city in housing and caring for evacuees. The Salvation Army has also set up a 24-hour help line for Katrina/Rita evacuees.

Call (806) 741-3000 if you require assistance.

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