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Flu Virus Becoming More Resistant

Why do some people get the flu anyway, even though they got a flu shot? Two studies in the Journal Lancet point to the same problem. Resistance to anti-viral drugs used to treat and help prevent the flu, has gone up nearly 12% in the past ten years. That means even if you get the flu shot, your body may not be able to use that ammunition anymore.

"The bugs are getting smarter. They are developing new ways to fight the medications that we are giving them," says Jennifer Cheng, M.D. at Duke University Medical Center.

Specifically, the CDC has found the flu virus is becoming resistant to two out of four anti-viral treatments. That's not to say people should skip their flu shot, but that researchers need to update their flu strategies.

Bottom line from health officials, get the flu shot and just hope it works for you, because it is still our best defense.

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