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Teacher You Can Count On: Mary Jane Sampson

In the kitchen is where we find this weeks Teacher You Can Count On. She is the hospitality educator at Coronado High School. For Mary Jane Sampson, teaching is just as much about giving as it is receiving, and education is her primarry goal. And, this Coronado teacher has been making headlines in past weeks with her involement with helping Hurricane Katrina evacuees.

Sampson and her class felt it necessary to step up and help with the cause when Katrina hit. "And they were the students that came to me and said they want to help out with the Katrina evacuees but most of them weren't 18 so they couldn't go out and volunteer. So we said lets do something we can do, we know how to cook and prepare meals for mass quantities of people, and that's what we did." Says Sampson about her class. 

They made over 34 hundred meals for evacuees and volunteers. The food they prepared was donated in part by city bank. "We'll be teaching these students not only job skills but also community service skills. Because, these kids are going to be the leaders of the future. And, they need to learn as students that it is important to give back to the community." Stated Sampson. When her class is not giving back to the community, they're working for the communinty with on-the job training.

Sampson explains her routine, "We spend about an hour and a half doing all kinds of industry related skills. And the students are learning basic job skills along with other customer related skills." But it's the food that students say they like most. "Because food is good... And Mrs. Sampson is a really good cook." Commented Avery Aston, a Coronado senior.  In her spare time Mary Jane Sampson is the Vice President of the Texas Chefs Association.

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