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Rita Evacuees Give a Sigh of Relief

"We are going to get through all of this and everything will be all right again,"  remarked Carrol Kauffman, a Hurricane Rita evacuee when asked about her present situation.

The evacuees at the Reese Technology Center expected the worst from Hurricane Rita but were relieved to hear that it wasn't as bad as anticipated. 

"Thank God the wind wasn't as bad as they said it was going to be and hopefully we can all get back home and start living a normal life pretty soon," Kelvin Boldon said. 

Houston native Joycelyn Thomas was relieved to hear that Rita passed Baytown and later stated, "It make me feel good because it kind of passed Baytown we just got a lot of rain not a lot of damage to buildings or anything." 

People remained in high spirits even with the uncertainty of what could of happened. 

"I am actually pretty optimistic. I have been able to hold on to a good amount of optimism all this time," said Steven L. Hooper, a Rita evacuee.  Hooper later stated, "I could stand to be home right this minute but I am not going to get too bent out of shape as long as everyone is ok and still alive. That's as far as I am willing to look."

"I am just ready to go home but we're ok, we're happy, we're safe," stated Kauffman.

"God has spared us and God is good and I appreciate all the people in Lubbock that reached out a hand," said Boldon.

After the passing of Hurricane Rita there was an overwhelming sense of relief and now most of the evacuees are just ready to get home.

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