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HealthWise at 5 From 9.26

  • Melanoma Treatment

For patients with difficulties to treat Melanoma, new research in Texas may be able to wake-up their immune systems to fight the dangerous skin cancer. The Baylor Institute for Immunology Research is expanding clinical trials of a vaccine made from a patient's own blood. Dendritic cells are isolated from a blood sample, and are then cultured to produce antigens. Patients are re-injected with their own custom vaccine, which Baylor researchers say has prompted an immune response in about half of the patients.

  • Plague Vaccine

Though the Bubonic Plague seems like a centuries past epidemic spread by rats and fleas, research goes on today to guard against an outbreak of the deadly illness. University of Chicago Bio defense scientists have developed what they believe is the first effective and safe vaccine against the infectious disease. The researchers identified a plague protein that penetrates cells and suppresses immune response. The vaccine, which is still in the lab stage, was able to show production of antibodies against the plague.

  • Over-scheduled Stress

Parents are concerned about providing a lot of experience for children, but for some kids, the opportunities turn into a stress nightmare. Family psychiatry experts at the University of Michigan say parents need to say in tune with their kids and know when enough is enough. They say over-scheduled children will express a higher sense of anxiety than others, particularly performance anxiety. Headaches, stomachaches and dreading school can all be symptoms of the over committed kid.

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