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Red Cross is Asking Businesses to Deliver Volunteers

American Red Cross is calling on businesses in the "Lubbock builds hope" volunteer drive. 40 volunteers are needed daily to help the 300 evacuees that are still here in shelters, but Red Cross says after three weeks, they are in a volunteer shortage. NewsChannel 11 went to Red Cross to speak with volunteers about the need.

As of three Monday afternoon, only one business had volunteered an employee. Volunteers are needed for the rest of the week to fill jobs like helping pack, serving food, and cleaning. One volunteer we spoke with has been helping all three weeks, but says he'll do whatever it takes to help others in need.

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Freddie Harris said, "They work hours and hours, some have not slept," when speaking of the fatigued volunteers that have worked out at Reese. And after working endlessly for the past three weeks, they're asking for help from other citizens.

Greg Bruce, the Red Cross chairman, said, "We are asking businesses to donate one to two employees for the next couple of days." The request came late Monday morning, but into the afternoon, the Red Cross office looked empty, with plenty of room for names.

Jane Strong, another volunteer said after the request came in, "We are hoping that we'll have more help from businesses." The process is easy. You go to the main office, fill out an application, pick a time to work, get your badge and show up. Strong says some of the duties are helping pack, give information, and just listening to their stories.

The shifts are usually 6-8 hours 24 hours a day. If you would like to volunteer or donate money, go to the Salvation Army or Red Cross. The Salvation Army is located at 1111 16th. The American Red Cross is located at 2201 19th street or call (806) 765-8534.

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