Where did all these scooters come from?

Bird Scooters arrive in Lubbock

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A new form of transportation has appeared in Lubbock, seemingly out of thin air.

They're called bird scooters, a new form of electric vehicle sharing that allows people to ride around and then leave it in plain sight for the next person who wants to ride.

"It was just like one morning everyone just had these scooters and I was like where did they come from, who put them there," Gabrielle Raider, Texas Tech student, said.

The bird scooters were placed all around Lubbock last week, and like most things these days, the program is powered by an app.

"Literally just download the app, insert your drivers license and debit card, and you scan the bar code," Tech student Margaret Figenshaw said. "Then it unlocks and you just scoot away."

The cost starts at $1 and charges 20 cents for every minute after that.

"My friend texted me and said hey we got Bird in town," Tech student John Pena said. "They're honestly a lot of fun because I don't have a parking pass this year. It's real easy to get to campus and it kind of makes me feel like a little kid just riding around a scooter everywhere."

These scooters came as a surprise to students, and to city officials.

"Much like you did, they just showed up," Mayor Dan Pope said. "We believe that they probably should have made us aware, they're operating without a permit."

The company, Bird, didn't come to the city with any sort of agreement so its hard for the city to enforce any rules on these scooters.

"That's part of the agreement we would have. You can see the challenges we have today because we don't have an agreement in place. It's hard to enforce something that's not in place so that's one of the challenges we have with Bird," Pope said

The mayor and the city say they are not against a sharing program at all. The city and Texas Tech have been working on their own bike and scooter sharing program for months now. They just want to do it right.

"If you pay attention to what's happened around the state, there's a number of cities that have done this poorly. Dallas has had all kinds of problems with bike share and College Station has many of challenges," Pope said. "We've tried to learn from them. We'd like to do it correctly."

The city will consider their bike sharing program next Thursday at their city council meeting. We also reached out to Texas Tech and we are waiting on their response.

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