Customer faces weeks of silence trying to reach Reagor Dykes customer service

Customers struggles with RDAG customer service

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - We have been updating you on all things Reagor Dykes since the very beginning. Updating you on all the court documents, the hearings, and even listing customer resources, but we have never had the chance to hear from someone directly affected by this bankruptcy filing, until now.

Harold Jensen says he's called Reagor Dykes's customer line 30 times just this week, all with no answer. This all began when Jensen bought this Ford pickup from Reagor Auto Mall on 19th street 3 months ago in June. He paid for in cash for the price of $48,000, but he was never given a title.

"When I signed all of the paperwork in the office, I signed over a document empowering them to get a title in our name and that's why I was waiting for them to send me the information, but as weeks gone by nothing ever came so I started inquiring and never gotten an answer," he said.

That no answer turned to weeks of silence despite his many attempts to reach out.

"Since July 24th, I've been calling, emailing, texting, visiting, knocking on doors, going to their corporate office for the dealership, and no one has been giving me an answer," Jensen said.

Then he found out Reagor Dykes Auto Group filed for bankruptcy.

"I instantly got sick, I mean literally very nauseous and very worried because i just handed them $48,000 and I don't have a shred a paperwork other than what was emailed to me," Jensen said.

Instead of getting answer, he got more silence. No matter what customer phone number RDAG put out.

"I get the same recording 'you've reached the headquarters' and you get transferred to an extension whose mailbox is full and then you get disconnected. I've tried entering random number codes and every time you enter a code, you get disconnected," he said.

Just this morning, three months after he bought the truck, Jensen says he finally got a call from RDAG corporate.

"They asked me to come to the home office and sign some new paperwork to have a new title license document done so they can actually get it completed," he said.

But for him, he says it can't be that easy.

"Well quite honestly, I don't really trust anything I'm being told from them. Asking me to go down and sign a paperwork, whats that going to get me? Its just another piece of paper. I've already signed one before and I don't feel like its going to have any progress so I'm not in a rush to go over there and sign it," Jensen said.

Harold Jensen will meet with Reagor Dykes tomorrow to sign the paperwork. He says although he was able to get a solution... he knows he isn't the only RDAG customer dealing with a similar situation, he hopes sharing his story will create resources for others.

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