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Evacuees Have Bitter-Sweet Farewell to Lubbock

Evacuees are on a bus or plane headed back to Baytown. Most people were up at the crack of dawn packing their bags and getting ready for the long ride home. NewsChannel 11 spent the morning with the evacuees and found out their feelings of farewell.

One evacuee said, "I am packed and ready to go." Another said, "I've been ready, I don't ever want to experience this again." While some couldn't wait to leave Lubbock, others felt compelled to stay.

"By the grace of God, I believe God lead us here I really do." Renee and her husband loaded up and went on their way in search of a home and job here in Lubbock. "I can't wait to stay."

Donnie Jemison is also staying, but he says he was woo-ed by the weather. "My allergies are gone since I came. It's good weather and the people are so friendly."

Just days after the hurricane, some Baytown residents say it took a whirlwind to realize how much they miss home. But for others, the eye of the storm lead them to a new beginning. "We had nothing there, nothing but negativity and it took a hurricane to get us here, but I think God lead us here."

The last bus full of people left Lubbock around six Tuesday evening.

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