Lost wedding dress found in Lubbock dumpster

Teen returns wedding dress found in trash

(KCBD) - Almost everyone has thrown out something they didn't mean to, but in the case of Maddie Fetzner, that item happened to be her wedding dress.

She and her husband were moving from Lubbock to North Carolina and were trying to downsize when the accident happened.

"I just pointed to a box and I said, oh, we shouldn't need the stuff in that, and I thought it was just kitchen stuff that could easily be replaced, and my husband mistakenly thought I was pointing to another box and with the original box you couldn't tell the wedding dress was in it, so he grabbed it, put it in the dumpster," Fetzner said.

Shortly after though, she says a miracle happened; Justin Torres came to her rescue.

Torres said, "I text her and tell her like, I have a dress that I think belongs to you, I'm not sure if you threw it there on purpose, but I have it "

"As soon as he sent me the picture though, I was like, how is that possible?" Fetzner said. "Things like this don't happen to me. I read articles and stuff like this and I'm just like wow, that is crazy and I kind of just move on. Knowing that it actually happened to me, it is a big deal."

Torres says he was at work cleaning up when he saw the box next to the dumpster, brought it back to his truck, and opened it.

"Oh, like a shock came through my heart, I was like woohhh... okay, and like I told her, I didn't know if it was intentionally thrown there, so I was like - maybe it's bad luck if it's in my truck," he says.

It was far from unlucky though.

During a meeting that we arranged between the two in our studio, Fetzner thanked Torres for helping find her dress.

"Thank you so much for being willing to do this and for reaching out to me," she said. "To be willing to get it back to me, it just means a lot, especially because I am in North Carolina."

"All I can say is just, I'm so excited and so happy," Fetzner said. "It was a hard move and we lost a lot. I had to get rid of a lot of stuff that meant something to me, so knowing that I'm getting this piece back, it is a miracle. I hope my kids are going to want to wear my wedding dress now when I tell them this story one day, I hope they know what a big deal it is."

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