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Ten Minutes to Leave your Home

The Haynes family did not know what kind of exercise drill they were about to do until the camera started rolling. However, Joy Haynes had to evacuate her home years ago. A hurricane threatened the coast of Georgia where she used to live. But, the challenges she faces this time are having two children and having all her belongings packed in boxes because they are moving.

"Get that little safe. Go! Heidi do you know where my jewelry box is? Go get it," said Joy as she guides her children through this drill.

Joy and her kids, Cyrus and Heidi, have ten minutes to grab what they can not live without.

"I would take this filing cabinet because it has all the papers and bills," she showed.

This is just a drill. "This is a box of keepsakes," said Joy as she was walking through the garage back into the house. But close to real as it can get at this moment.

"Run get some clothes," she told Heidi.

Joy had to give her children direction but says it is important they learn from this practice drill. Nine minutes passed and one minute to spare, Joy feels like she got everything important.

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"Wow, that almost felt like a real emergency!" said NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Coy.

"I know! I am sweaty," said Joy as she tried to catch her breath.

Joy grabbed a box of keepsakes, scrapbooks with valuable pictures. She grabbed her jewelry box, a safe. "It has our marriage license, our college certificates, the kids immunizations records, social security cards, and my husband and my diplomas," said Joy.

She grabbed a jacket her husband gave her 13 years ago and home movies. "Blankets, clothes..just enough to get us through the week," said Joy.

"I got my teddy bear, my pictures, blankets and clothes," said Cyrus. Heidi grabbed her stuffed pooch and clothes.

Joy says her first evacuation experience helped her through this drill. "I think sometimes you do not think what is materialistic what is sentimental and what is non-replaceable," said Joy.

It is a good idea to create a list of the items you think are the most important. Keep the list in a drawer so when have to evacuate your home, you will have it written down.

Joy says remembering what to get was the hardest part.

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