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The Smart Spin: Does It Work?

Have you ever opened your cabinets only to have storage containers fall all over you?

This product is the Smart Spin. It claims to keep your containers and lids organized. It costs $20, but Does It Work? Here are the features: The base slides, it also spins. You get 24 storage containers in three different sizes. Plus lids that match! But let's see this product in action!

It says it has lids that lock. I poured jelly beans into one of the containers and gave it a hard shake. It did not spill all over the place.

Once I put all the containers and lids into the smart spin, I searched for a space in the kitchen cabinets where it would fit. I had to remove a few of the larger containers to make it fit in a standard cabinet.

The makers also claim their product is microwave safe. I cooked broccoli and the microwave did not melt the container. It softened it a bit.

I also cooked ravioli just to see if the tomato sauce would stain it. It did not after giving it a rinse, however, the hot tomato sauce cooked into the sides of the container.

The Smart Spin won't work for every kitchen cabinet and it doesn't store containers you may already have. You have to use the ones that come in the box. And for that, I'm going to say it doesn't work!

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