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Fair Food Helping Local Charities

While some organizations are experiencing donor fatigue from recent disasters, other charities have been finding creative ways to collect money. NewsChannel 11 spoke with many vendors who said it wasn't the hurricanes, but the sun that might've effected business.

"The hot weather slowed traffic, but now that's it's cooler, we're doing well." Russell from Warm Curly Taters says his food plus a chilly day, equals a profit for Lubbock Christian High School. "It's 30% of our budget for the year."

Apples, peach, and the famous apricot are all flavors of one of the most popular booths ran by the Oakwood United Methodist Church. "$10,000, we have a lot of uses at the church," that's how much Barbara says they plan on making this week alone. Her group says their creative fried-pie fundraising is successful year-round, totaling over $40,000 for the church. "We have a lady that makes these pies year round and freezes them."

Down the row, the Shrine Club cooks up corn dogs. "We do this every year, we raise money for crippled children in hospitals. We do $25,000 worth, we raise money for hospitals."

If you're looking for a fun snack, funnel cakes are helping to pay for the West Carlisle Fire and EMS. "We're a volunteer station, so this pays for up-keep maintenance, and gas."

So before you decide which dog to bite into, realize that your money is filling more than your belly. The vendors say last night's concert and today's cooler temperatures increased sales, but they say it's definitely a better turn out than last year.

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