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Food for Thought Report 9.29

The following five schools had zero critical violations during their last health inspection... making them top performers: Alderson Academy on Walnut Avenue, Coronado High School on Vicksburg Avenue, Guadalupe Elementary School on Avenue P, Smith Elementary School on Dover Avenue, and Westwind Elementary School on 43rd Street.

Food for Thought 9.29
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 9/29/05.

Three LISD schools just had one critical violation.

  • Bozeman Elementary on East 2nd Street was sited for mouse droppings in the kitchen.
  • Martin Early Learning Center on East Broadway experienced the same problem.
  • Honey Elementary on 86th Street, expired sliced ham was found in a walk-in cooler.

Aramark School support services manages all of LISD's school cafeterias. They tell NewsChannel 11 the health and safety of LISD students is their top priority. All violations were corrected on site and appropriate measures were taken towards future prevention. Aramark provides weekly training to managers and employees in proper food safety practices.

Honey Cut Hams at 4620 34th Street had a honey of a health inspection. Zero critical violations means honey cut hams is a top performer.

SugarBakers at 4601 South Loop 289 isn't just perfect because they have some of the best chocolate chip cookies around. Health inspectors couldn't find one violation in their kitchen!

A downtown favorite, Hub City Brewery at 1807 Buddy Holly Avenue, is our only low performer. Hub City had five critical violations:

  • Cooked sausage on a food service line was held at 51 degrees. Cold foods must be held at 45 degrees or cooler.
  • Spray bottles containing toxic substances were not labeled.
  • A thermometer in a reach in cooler was not accurate
  • A soda gun holster behind the bar was soiled.
  • The inspector found dented cans of chicken broth.

All five critical violations were corrected on site. A manager tells NewsChannel 11 the violations were minor, they threw the unlabeled glass cleaner away and have purchased new thermometers.

One more issue to address. Several viewers have e-mailed or called NewsChannel 11 about the October issue of Men's Health Magazine. Open it up to page 104 and the magazine ranked Lubbock last with a grade of "F" for food born illness. City Environmental Health Manager, Bridget Faulkenberry says the claim is completely unsubstantiated. She claims the article uses outdated information and unfairly draws conclusions. She adds, "We have not had a major food born outbreak in years and years and years."

The article mentions e-coli and shigella, but Faulkenberry thinks the writers failed to consider both can be spread by means other than food. Lubbock did have a shigella outbreak in 1997, 1998 and 2003 according to Faulkenberry, but those outbreaks were related to children in daycares and schools. Faulkenberry says, "Not in any way, there was no instance of anyone eating food that came down with shigalosis. I just want to assure the citizens of Lubbock we have a good program for food safety. We do a lot of education. For the most part, food establishments want food to be safe and there's nothing to worry about with this article."

Faulkenberry plans to contact Men's Health to dispute the article and its claims. She also adds Lubbock uses the FDA's uniform food code. The article hints the city does not.

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